The Band

An endless passion for music, melodies,
groove, heavyness and playing live

Arcaine is a young Swiss band, which is staffed with five experienced musicians. All members have played in other bands and played several live concerts. The band was founded in 2015 in Chur, Switzerland. Arcaine has already played around 40 concerts at home and abroad.

Among other things, the band got the opportunity international stars such as “Six feet Under”, a well-known metal band from the United States of America, or to support the folk metal giants “Arkona” as a support band. Also for open airs, the band is often requested, as they have earned a good name in Switzerland. The live performance along with its precision keeps attracting musically-educated musicians.

In 2015, the band recorded an EP in-house and made it available for download free of charge. The EP can be streamed on different platforms such as Spotify, Youtube and Mx3.

Although the band can be assigned to the death metal genre, it impresses with their musical autonomy and their fresh that are nowhere to be heard. So Arcaine has developed from a simple amateur band to a convincing live band that does not have to hide from their role models.

The clearly defined goal of the band is to play on the big stages of the world in the future. For a considerable amount of time is operated. The path definitely leads steeply uphill for the Churians – and sooner or later there will be no way around the Swiss metal scene!

Behind the Lyrics

The socio-critical lyrics of the band are intended to listeners to the decadent lifestyle pollution of nature, life in abundance and the development of man are some of the topics that are dealt with in the concept for the upcoming album in a metaphorical way. The listeners should feel responsible and brooding. Issues such as water scarcity and the melting of the glaciers could be conceivable for another album and concept.